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Sagnaseiður á Snæfellsnesi

- Storytellers of Snæfellsnes peninsula Iceland - 

Our goals

- What we are all about

Sagnaseiður á Snæfellsnesi is an association about the historic legacy and storytelling traditions in Snæfellsnes.

The association’s goal is to collect, preserve, and share the historical heritage of Snæfellsnes in various ways.


Anyone who is interested in the stories of Snæfellsnes can join the association by sending us a request by email.

Some members of the association have developed a unique service with a storytelling theme. They welcome guests and offer a conversation about life and lore in Snæfellsnes.

Their aim is to tell stories, have conversations, talk about folklore, culture, and anything involving the life and history of local people and nature.

So If you want to get a true insight into the people of Iceland, contact us and meet with a local storyteller on your trip around Snæfellsnes.


Our Promise

- Help us to always do our best

Welcome to Sagnaseiður á Snæfellsnesi

We hope you enjoy your visit to Snæfellsnes and the time you spend with us.

We, who work in the name of Sagnaseiður á Snæfellsnesi, have put together professional standards that we work by and would like to ask for your support in enforcing them.

We have pledged to act responsibly towards society and the environment with improvements and positive effects in mind.

We welcome this task with joy and diligence and strive to enrich your experience here in Snæfellsnes.

We also strive to show responsibility and fairness in business practices so that everyone can be happy in cooperation and communication with us.

Our guests have expressed their satisfaction with these policies and we hope you will join that group.

Sagnaseiður á Snæfellsnes

Established 2015


Our Friends

- We are not alone

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